Florida Kids Overdose on “Nicotine Candy”

Seven young Florida children were rushed to a hospital earlier this month after swallowing nicotine lozenges. One child brought the 4 mg mint-flavored Nicorette mini lozenges to school and offered them to classmates. “We thought it was candy,” nine-year-old Jaheim Moore said. They played a game of who could eat the most, according to CBS Miami. “My stomach started hurting, I was shaking, and then I threw up,” Jaheim Moore told CBS. Doctors at Broward Health said the kids, ages 9-12, had rapid heart beats and low blood pressure. The symptoms are exactly those of a nicotine overdose. Jaheim Moore’s father … Continue reading Florida Kids Overdose on “Nicotine Candy”

Full Line Vape Juice Sampler

Want to experience our entire line of the Sauce LA premium e-Juice flavors? Then the full line e-Juice sampler is right for you! We’re bringing you 300 milliliters, five flavors – 60ml each flavor, and a whole lot of happiness for one low price. Pre-steeped: . Perpetual flavor.  VG/PG: 80/20 Capone: The impossible cereal vape – truly tart and crunchy on the inhale with sugary milk on the exhale. Many claim to have this combo – few have succeeded. An Official Vape Memes favorite. The Sauce (XXX): Tangy tangerine, with assorted tropical notes and strawberry on the exhale. An excellent all day vape. Ace: Rich, strawberry rainbow … Continue reading Full Line Vape Juice Sampler

Israel Bans JUUL

The government of Israel has banned sales and import of JUUL, citing its high nicotine as a health danger. The San Francisco-based vape has been sold in Israel since earlier this year. The ban will take effect on Sept. 3. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed the order Monday. Netanyahu is also the health minister. Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman requested the order, according to the Times of Israel. The American JUUL product is sold in 59 mg/mL and 33 mg/mL. The edict from the Health Ministry prohibits JUUL from selling products with a nicotine concentration higher than 20 mg/mL. That apparently leaves … Continue reading Israel Bans JUUL

FDA Labeling and Ad Restrictions for Nicotine-Containing Products

Underage vaping. FDA crackdowns. Trade tariffs on Chinese e-cig products. American vapers have had a rough 2018. Things are about to get worse for them, as the deadline approaches for all tobacco products, even no-nicotine e-juice, to carry warning labels. The FDA is Coming The Rules Have Rules The Lasting Effects A New Era of Regulation August 10th is coming fast. That is the date when health warning labels must be on “covered tobacco products.” The warnings are to inform consumers about the dangers of nicotine. Closed system devices (vapes with e-juice already inside) are “covered tobacco products.” Liquid e-juice is also a “covered tobacco … Continue reading FDA Labeling and Ad Restrictions for Nicotine-Containing Products

The Truth campaign took down teen smoking. Now it’s going after JUUL.

JUUL is the vape giant that went from zero to $16 billion in three years. Truth Initiative is the largest anti-smoking organization in the United States. Both the company and the non-profit claim to have the same goal: helping smokers quit tobacco cigarettes. But Robin Koval, CEO and president of Truth Initiative, hasn’t been shy about slamming JUUL. “The fact that JUUL is acting like, ‘What, young people are using JUUL? We never intended that to happen,’ is a little disingenuous,” she said. Oh yes, that. Teenagers love JUUL. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are filled with #juul references. These days, downtime at … Continue reading The Truth campaign took down teen smoking. Now it’s going after JUUL.

Is nicotine actually bad for you?

The case against Juul is also partly a case against nicotine. By June 2018, a New York teenager’s addiction to Juul had become so intense that his parents took the door off his room, switched him to a different school, and asked that he be followed to the bathroom — all in an effort to prevent him from juuling. “He couldn’t stop, and so as a result, he’s not really having a normal teenage life at the moment,” says Jason Solotaroff, an attorney at Giskan, Solotaroff, and Anderson LLP who is representing the family. The complaint, filed by the teenager’s mother, … Continue reading Is nicotine actually bad for you?

Pure VG or PG – premium 60ml bottle (Vegetable glycerin or Propylene glycol)

Vegetable glycerine Liquid designed for modern atomisers is mostly vegetable glycerine, or VG – this can be up to 80% by volume. If you want to know how it is that e-cigarettes have gone from producing a little wisp of thin vapour to belching out huge white plumes, this is why. Glycerine is a natural substance that can be processed from most kinds of fat. The glycerine used in e-liquid comes from vegetable oils, which is why it’s called VG, but it doesn’t really make a lot of difference. One important point is that although it’s processed from oils it isn’t an oil. In fact, it’s … Continue reading Pure VG or PG – premium 60ml bottle (Vegetable glycerin or Propylene glycol)