Vaping: Controversial, but it has saved lives

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion surrounding proposed legislation to ban flavored vaping products. I’ve seen and read many articles that cast vaping in a negative light. But, before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, I encourage you to consider the true impacts. Restricting access to flavored vapor products is restricting access to a product that has saved lives and helped smokers quit- including myself.

I was a smoker who made many attempts to quit smoking cigarettes. I tried many different techniques—cold turkey, cutting back, reducing nicotine strengths—nothing worked. The uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms hurt my body and affected my personality, I would grow angry and nervous until I was able to have that regularly scheduled cigarette. I just couldn’t stop. Every failed attempt led me back to smoking.

Quitting cigarettes completely changed my life. My health improved and I stopped smelling poorly. After being smoke-free for six months, my baby finally hugged me again.

Then, something happened that made me finally realize I needed to find an answer. My 10-year-old daughter refused to hug me anymore. She said I just smelled too gross.

I couldn’t stand the thought of losing hugs from my daughter. So, within 6 months I switched to flavored vapor products. I figured vaping would simply help me cut down cigarette smoking. I started with a goal of three days, no smoking, only vaping. I was able to complete all three days, cigarette free. On day four, I tried a cigarette and to my surprise, it tasted horrible. Two weeks later, I tried again, same results. I was finally free from my cigarette addiction.

Quitting cigarettes completely changed my life. My health improved and I stopped smelling poorly. After being smoke-free for six months, my baby finally hugged me again. I went one whole year without a hug from my daughter.

I still remember the day she finally hugged me again. She squeezed me as hard as she could. I never want to lose my daughter’s hugs again and I’m sure there are millions of adults who feel the same way.

I am proud to say that after smoking cigarettes for 25 years, I have been cigarette-free for more than two and a half years. I can say with certainty, if I did not have access to flavored e-liquid products I would not have been able to quit smoking cigarettes. Flavored vapor products give adult users a more appealing alternative to cigarettes smoking and evidence shows that flavors are a critical factor for those attempting to quit cigarettes.


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