THC E Liquid Explained In Detail

THC E Liquid is a new popular way to use cannabis. Whether you enjoy adding terps or simply want to make your concentrate possible to vape, this method works. It’s easy to do and offers great customization options. For these reasons and more, it’s gaining popularity by leaps and bounds.

If you’re curious about making your own vape liquid, you are not alone. Many people are confused about the process. It’s deceptively simple and this article explains it in detail.

THC E Liquid Explained: What About Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges

The easiest way to vape cannabis is by buying a pre-filled vape cartridge, right? That’s not actually true. Additionally, these cartridges pose many disadvantages. First, let’s understand what they are.

  THC E Liquid Explained: What Is A Pre-Filled Vape Cartridge?

A pre-filled vape cartridge is something you buy at a dispensary. They come in a few slightly different forms. One form is all one unit while another is just the cartridge.

The vape cartridge is a small device that contains an atomizer and reservoir to hold THC e liquid. The liquid in the reservoir is what the device turns into vaper. The atomizer is what heats up in order to vaporize the liquid.

The single unit vape cartridges have an attached battery. There are usually no on and off buttons on these devices. Furthermore, when the cartridge is empty, you throw out the entire unit. What turns them on? The ‘puffing’ sensation of you breathing in with your mouth on the mouthpiece.

The cartridge-only types of these devices are essentially two parts that you purchase separately. The ‘cartridge’ itself is the atomizer and reservoir which is filled with THC infused vape liquid. The second piece is a simple battery.

The industry refers to these batteries by the way they connect to the cartridge. This particular variety is called ‘510 threaded.’


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