FDA Plans To Ban Flavored Vapes Being Popular Among Youngsters

The federal agency issues a draft to pull out flavored vapes from the market to restrict underage from nicotine addiction.

After declaring limit on sale of e-cigarettes at places which are accessible to youngsters in November 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued, “a draft guidance” on March 13, 2019. Under the draft, FDA catches hold of the marketing companies that sell sweet flavored e-cigarettes to minors or sells them at places which are accessible to the underage. FDA also threatens to force the companies to drive out the products from the market. Scott Gottlieb, commissioner of FDA stated, “We’re putting all manufacturers and retailers on notice.”

Earlier, in August 2016, when e-cigarettes were introduced, the FDA allowed the other unregulated products to be sold in the market while applying permission of authorization from FDA. The deadline of the application has jumped from 2018 to 2022. However, at present the federal agency has moved the deadline to 2021 for flavored vapes excluding tobacco, menthol and mint flavors. Health experts have shown great concern over the growing demand of menthol and mint vapes since these are quite popular among the youngsters. The FDA vouches to take action against the online-stores that do not take efforts to check the ID’s, declaring age of the buyers. Strict action will also be taken against those who do not restrict the number of vapes the customers can buy at once. According to the guidance rule, FDA is also planning to reconsider the selling of flavored e-cigarettes including menthol and mint.

Read more at https://www.veteransweekly.org

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