A failure to understand the vaping subculture could explain the rise in regulations

Have you ever wondered if one of the lawmakers restricting e-cigarettes took the time to understand the product they are regulating? Have regulators ever understood the culture surrounding vaping?

One of the critical reasons that regulatory trends persist is due to this misunderstanding of the vaping industry.

If we are honest, the answer to both of those questions is probably “no.” The likelihood of acting FDA

Food and Drug Administration
Federal agency of the United States of America. It belongs to he U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and aims at promoting and protecting public health through the regulation and the supervision of various products among which tobacco products since 2009.

“>FDAcommissioner Ned Sharpless making a public address about DIY mixing or unregulated mods is minimal. Lawmakers, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are not going to chat with stakeholders about the industry’s most popular flavors.

You are not going to see any of the politicians who claim that they are standing up for your public health taking the time to understand not only the scores of products this industry creates but the people who make and consume them every day.

Vaping is a subculture. Even within that subculture, other subgroups and microcultures make up this industry’s diverse consumer-base.

Considering this assessment, I posit to you that one of the critical reasons that regulatory trends persist is due to this misunderstanding of the vaping industry.

Understanding a subculture of consumerism

In 1995, researchers published in the academic Journal of Consumer Research an operative definition for how subcultures build around a specific consumer product.

“Recognizing that consumption activities, product categories, or even brands may serve as the basis for interaction and social cohesion, the concept of the subculture of consumption solves many problems inherent in the use of ascribed social categories as devices for understanding consumer behavior,” the findings of this study conclude. Based on the development of a community that shares a collective identity around shared interests, a subculture emerges.

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