Local doctor, vape shop weigh in on vaping ordinance

As the city of Dawsonville, local schools and the county government look to clamp down on vaping usage, the common concern has boiled down to the general health and safety of others.

“We’re always concerned about secondhand tobacco smoke, then you always wonder about secondhand vaping,” Dr. Larry Anderson said.

Anderson, owner of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville, sat down with the Dawson County News to speak about some of the concerns he sees with vaping and why he thinks the recent city ordinance was a good idea.

“I hope it makes the environment safer for the rest of us, just like when we went to no smoking in restaurants, public buildings, things like that, to keep us away from it,” Anderson said.

On May 6, the city council unanimously approved a city ordinance limiting the use of tobacco and vaping products around city hall, city parks and cemeteries as well as within 200 feet of schools and within 100 feet of churches.

Anderson said the use of electronic cigarettes to inhale water vapor is a relatively new trend and that there are not many studies available at this time assessing the long term effects.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, e-cigarettes hit the U.S. market around 2007.

“Lack of proof that something exists is not proof that it does not exist,” Anderson said. “Lack of proof at this point that vaping is significantly bad for you is not proof that it’s not bad for you.”

On the other side of the equation, Jamie Wheatley, owner of Vaperz Den in Dawsonville, doesn’t see the harm in what he feels is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Wheatley opened Vaperz Den on Quill Drive in May 2017 and is opening his second location in Murrayville this June.

Read more at https://www.dawsonnews.com

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