Mix and Match 1,440ml Full Line Vape Juice Sampler

It’s time to stock up on your favorite e-Juice flavors – only the ones you want!

This product includes twelve 120mls premium e-Juice flavors of your choice. Use the product option drop down menus above to select which e-liquid flavors you want. Mix and match to your heart’s desire, and select only the flavors that you want.

Please remember to select your desired nicotine strength and e-Juice flavors!

Want to save $30? Try the full line e-Juice sampler that includes one of each flavor.

Editors Top Picks – Click the flavor to see reviews.

  1. Capone: The impossible cereal vape – truly tart and crunchy on the inhale with sugary milk on the exhale. Many claim to have this combo – few have succeeded. An Official Vape Memes favorite e-Juice.
  2. Caramel Waffle Cappuccino: Vape Nights Las Vegas 2016 award winning e-Juice flavor. Succulent caramel and fluffy waffle on the inhale, with brusque notes of press brewed coffee on the exhale.
  3. The Sauce (XXX): Tangy tangerine, with assorted tropical notes and strawberry on the exhale. An excellent all day vape e-juice.
  4. Main Street: Apple pie, better than grandma made it. With a perfect balance of 70% apple, 30% pie, and 5% awesome, you’ll be inviting us to dinner for more.
  5. Open Road: A perfect blend of gooey rich caramel infused rice cereal with subtle note of marshmallow. Perfect e-Juice for any road trip.

Shop now at https://thesaucela.com


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