Vaping shop moratorium approved in Carmel-Mahopac area

CARMEL – Concerns have exploded over new health risks regarding vaping or the inhaling and exhaling of aerosol produced in e-cigarettes and other vaping devices.

The Carmel Town Board Wednesday unanimously approved a local law to establish a moratorium on the issuance of building permits or certificates of occupancy for the construction, establishment or operation of any new “smoke shops” or “vape shops” within the municipalities’ limits through December 31.

Currently six such “vape shops” are found within the town’s borders.

A vaping device contains a mouthpiece, a battery, cartridge for containing e-liquid or e-juice and a heating component powered by a battery. The heat turns the contents of the liquid into an aerosol that is inhaled into the lungs before being exhaled.

Supervisor Kenneth Schmitt described risks from vaping as “potentially catastrophic with nicotine addiction or popcorn lung permanently scarring tissue on the lung common. A Harvard study found that 39 of 51 e-juices tested contained chemicals including formaldehyde and propylene glycol used in anti-freeze that can cause cancer.”

Area educators validated the town’s action.

In Mahopac, officials called vaping the “bane of our existence with 15-20 incidents being reported each week. Types of devices used are easy to conceal.    There is no smoke or smell. It has become very difficult for administrators to catch the young people.”

Carmel school officials agreed. “The discrete nature of certain vape products has high school administrators chasing ghosts throughout the building.”


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