Chai Tea | Best Tea Vape Juice | Awesometown

Premium e-Juice Flavors: Chai Tea+Honeydew+Milk+French Vanilla+Bavarian Cream

Vape Awesometown e-Juice!

Bottle Size: 60mL

VG/PG: 80/20

Chai Tea is relatively new to Western culture and citizens of Awesometown have created their own special blend of Chai in the form of vape juice. This Chai Tea e-Juice from Awesometown is truly special – it combines the traditional rich and creamy notes in Chai Tea with some french vanilla and sweet honeydew.

When you vape this unique flavor, you’ll notice the sharp notes of decadent spices classic to chai tea. We’ve balanced those notes with the subtle and sweet profile of honeydew melon and vanilla for a rich tea flavor.

If you love your herbal teas, you have to give this flavor a try!

Includes: Chai Tea e-Juice

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