Can You Smoke CBD Flowers?

With so many people embracing CBD as their go-to remedy for conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety, many CBD products have hit the market recently, but not everyone’s clear about what’s the best product for them.

CBD – short for Cannabidiol – is a compound inside the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive but highly effective in the treatment of a number of medical conditions for some people. Today we’ll be focusing on CBD flowers, a natural remedy for pain and other conditions that can be consumed either by vaping or smoking.

People have been using natural rescue remedies like St John’s Wort for years, especially when it comes to dealing with things like panic attacks and anxiety caused by external circumstances. CBD, a natural compound – which usually comes from organically grown hemp plants – reacts with the endocannabinoid system present inside every person. This recently discovered system helps to regulate things like sleep, appetite and mood in humans, and CBD is one of the main compounds which activates this system.

Hemp plants are specially cultivated by CBD companies across the US and Europe and they look, smell and taste much like conventional cannabis but with some major differences. While conventional cannabis makes you high, leaving some people feeling confused or disoriented – even if it does work in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system – CBD buds offer no high feeling and simply leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free but without the high (and therefore without the low that comes afterward.) That’s precisely why so many folks are turning to CBD to deal with their issues – favoring an all-natural solution instead of toxic and addictive prescription medications often prescribed by doctors as the first port of call.


smoking cbd flowers

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