Vape Juice Review | Miso Juicy by Five Star Juice

A sweet and sour mix of Meyer lemons and key limes, mixed into a glass of orange juice. If you’ve been searching for a tart e-liquid, Five Star’s Miso Juicy may just have you covered.

First Impressions:

I first found out about Five Star Juice Co. through their presence on social media. Like most companies, they do a fair amount of posting and are always responsive to DMs, etc. In my opinion, their branding is top-notch. Their liquids all look professional, and do not seem to be marketed towards the younger crowd. The flavor descriptions are all easy to read, along with nic content/nic warning, and bottle size. Five Star has some pretty unique names for their liquids, and while I’m not a fan of all of them, they do help their flavors stand out in an increasingly populated e-juice marketplace.

Flavor Profile:

A tasty blend of citrus fruits paired with a tangy splash of sour flavoring.


Miso Juicy smells like a mix between a bottle of sweet and sour powder (for mixed drinks), and a jar of sour cherry jam. There’s definitely some fruit nuance in the foreground, but I found picking out individual fruits to be rather difficult.

My Setup:

A single 2.5mm fused clapton loaded in the 22mm Littlefoot MTL RTA by Bruce Pro Innovations. Wattage set between 50-65, airflow with open (that draw is super tight!).


Front – A mix of sweet Meyer lemons and tart key limes. An interesting orange juice-esque flavor combines with the sour fruit base, and cuts through a lot of the acidity. I’d compare the orange aspect to a with-pulp juice, or a slice cut straight from the fruit itself – it’s not nearly as sweet as some of the brands targeted candy lovers.

Middle – The mix of orange really comes in mid vape. The juicy side of the mixture provides a great mouthfeel, and the orange flavor now reminds me of the real thing (as opposed to just juice…). The lemon-y side of the sweet and sour citrus mixture is considerably reduced, and a touch of zest comes through with the juiced lime.

End – The finish on Miso Juicy can be compared to a lemon-lime hard candy, only not nearly as sweet. A decent amount of floral zest creates and interesting cooling sensation, and pairs perfectly with what remains of the orange juice base.




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