New Mexico Smoke Free Alliance Defeats 12 Anti-Vape Bills

At the start of 2019, New Mexico had no vape-related state group for support against any legislation or other threats against the independent vape industry of New Mexico state.

Vape shop owner Missy Alvarez-Currie took matters into her own hands by seeking out to establish the first ever state group for New Mexico. Missy Alvarez-Currie owns the vape shop known as Vape Scape located in Hobbs, New Mexico.

By consulting with widely-respected vape advocate Fig Ramsey, Missy explains just how instrumental his assistance has been. She says, “Fig Ramsey has been amazing, helping me get this state group up and running. His energy level is incredible, its way beyond my spectrum of understanding.”

Sweeping Legislation

Nevertheless, the exact date the state group was established on January 21st was a celebratory moment. Then, suddenly on the 22nd they proposed 4 house bills and a senate bill targeting the New Mexico vape industry.

Not only did New Mexico finally have a state group established at the beginning of 2019, now there was sweeping legislation coming down the pipeline. When all was said and done, there were 13 anti-vape state bills proposed in New Mexico.

President and Founder of the NMSFA, Missy Alvarez-Currie, said “I had a Democratic senator tell me — 13 bills proposed against one single industry? That’s unheard of.” She goes onto explain that, when you have a Senator saying this, there is obviously a major problem.

Proposing 13 bills against one industry should never be allowed and it seems there should be some legislation proposed to prevent this from occurring— minimizing the amount of bill’s proposed on one industry.

Regardless, the Governor of New Mexico had plans for a 500 million dollar tax package with gasoline tax hikes, mortgage tax hikes, tobacco tax hikes and so on.

Missy describes the legislative measures being proposed on the vape industry, in which there were flavor bans coming from both the senate and the house side, a Tobacco21 initiative coming from the senate and the house side, a bill in connection with the Clean Indoor Air Act from the senate and the house side, a 76% tax, a 45% tax, a 36% tax and another 45% tax as well as a 5 cent per/ml tax.

Clearly, the tax proposals were preposterously out of control and unreasonable.



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