Best Vape Tanks For 2019

With hundreds of vape tanks for your mod available in 2019, it can often be difficult to filter through less quality options and select the best vape tank. We’ve tested them all, here are the best vape tanks 2019. We have got a nice selection of classic and sub-Ohm tanks all of which provide the best flavor you can get, what’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

1. Aspire Cleito
2. Aspire Nautilus 2
3. SMOK TFV12 Prince
4. Vaporesso NRG Tank
5. Kangertech Subtank Mini
6. Horizon Tech Falcon Resin
7. Famovape Fat Baby Mesh Tank
8. Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Tank
10. Aspire Cleito Exo Tank
11. Hellvape Hellbeast Sub-Ohm Tank
12. Advken Manta Sub-Ohm tank
13. Vaporesso SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank

When it comes to buying the best tank, a variety of factors come into play: affordability, resistance rating, delivery, tank capacity and more. In the following post, we’ve updated for 2019, we want to tell you everything you need to know about vape tanks, introduce the different types tank options to match with your vape mod, and give you a few of our suggestions for the best vape tanks on the market.

Choosing The Best Vape Tank

Before we get into the good stuff, we need to cover a few basics. What is a vape tank? A vape tank is the component of the vape device that holds the vape juice and contains the heating element. In most cases, vape tanks are constructed of plastic, pyrex or metal (stainless steel and anodized aluminum) and are screwed into your vape mod.

Cartomizer, Clearomizer, or Glassomizer?

While each of these options have many similarities, there are also many variables that make each of them quite different. Specifically:

  • cartomizer is a tank that has cotton within the tank to absorb e-liquid and make it available to be heated by the coil when the battery is activated.
  • clearomizer has a coil, but instead of using cotton, they have wicks that absorb the e-liquid. Clearomizers generally have reservoirs that hold e-liquid so that vapers only have to refill their e-liquid after several hits.
  • glassomizer is mostly the same as a clearomizer, except that the reservoir is made of pyrex glass and not plastic. Unlike plastic, pyrex glass won’t erode over time as a result of the acidity in the e-liquid.


Best Vape Tanks For 2019


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