‘VAPE KOREA EXPO 2019’ to be Held in KINTEX from July 5th

KINTEX(Korea International Exhibition Center) announced that the 2nd annual VAPE KOREA EXPO will be held on July 5-7th,  2019 in South Korea.

VAPE KOREA EXPO, which is the only vape show held in Korea, will feature the latest products and technologies in vape industry. VAPE KOREA EXPO is becoming as a ‘MUST-VISIT-SHOW’ for the vapers in Korea , with a larger scale of exhibitors, and with more diverse programs,.

The exhibition will include global companies including : VGOD, JOUZ, Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice, BLVK, Zap Juice, Binjai Juice, Geek Vape, BMI as well as well-known Korean exhibitors. On display, there will be e-cigarette devices, e-liquids, accessories and smoking-systems. Various state of the art vaping products from all around the world will be featured at the show.

The event also includes many exciting programs for B2C visitors such as ‘Vape Trick Show’, ‘Vape Trick & Cloud Chasing Competition’, ‘ Vaping Photo Contest’ and ‘Vape Korea Awards’. Visitors will be able to participate the show and experience diverse vaping culture.

In addition, there will be a conference & seminar focus for B2B visitors. It will focus on the hottest topics in the industry.

Read more at http://english.etnews.com

'VAPE KOREA EXPO 2019' to be Held in KINTEX from July 5th


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