Hungary: Perceived E-Cig Benefits Amongst Adult Vapers

A study recently published in BMC public health, looked at self-reported adverse effects (AEs) and perceived health changes due to e-cigarette use amongst Hungarian adult e-cigarette-only users (former smokers who switched completely to e-cigarette use) and dual users (smokers who use e-cigarettes and combustible tobacco cigarettes concomitantly).

The study titled Perceived health effects of vaping among Hungarian adult e-cigarette-only and dual users: a cross-sectional internet survey, administered a web-based survey to 1042 adults in 2015. Participants were asked to report any AEs and physiological changes since they switched from smoking to vaping or while dually using e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes.

The compiled data indicated that non-surprisingly dual users were significantly more likely to report AEs of vaping than e-cigarette-only users @ 26.2% vs. 11.8%. Similarly, those using only e-cigarettes were more likely to experience health improvements than dual users. Also, those individuals who were former heavy smokers were more likely to report positive changes in sensory and physical functioning, than those who were not.



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