State lawmakers considering bill that would tax vape products

(KPTV) – State lawmakers are considering legislation that would have a broad impact on the vape industry.

Two bills currently in the House Committee on Revenue would open the door to taxes on vape products, which are not currently taxed.

House Bill 2123 expands the state’s definition of tobacco products to include nicotine inhalants, while House Bill 2159 would establish a 95% tax on the distribution of nicotine inhalants.

“I think it would do great damage to the industry, and at least a small family-owned business like us, we can’t endure a huge tax,” said Lindsay Rehmann, who manages Digital Smoke in northeast Portland.

Barbara Smith Warner, a Portland Democrat who sits on the House Committee on Revenue supports taxes on vape products.

“I do think it’s an effective barrier,” Smith Warner said. ” Kids in particular are really price sensitive. To tobacco, to taxes in general. So it’s very important to get at that.”

Rehmann, though, believes one thing being overlooked is the number of people who vape a harm-reduction technique, as an alternative to cigarettes.


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