Ban on flavored vaping products will kill small businesses like mine

I own a small vape and smoke shop in Sacramento. I pay taxes, I pay rent and I pay employees. My small business is how I support my family.

The City of Sacramento is proposing to pass an ordinance banning the sale of all flavored tobacco products in the city limits. The ordinance is not limited to actual tobacco products, but also includes e-cigarettes and all vapor products. A ban of all flavored vapor products will result in an actual ban on all vapor products, since there is no such thing as an unflavored vapor product.

At my store, vapor products make up 85 percent of my sales. If the flavor ban is approved, I will lose my business. There are many other small business owners who are in the same situation. We would all lose our businesses.

Recently, the mayor and City Council have said that they want to use a portion of the Measure U sales tax money to invest in our most challenging neighborhoods so that people have the opportunity to become small business owners. I’m a small business owner. The proposed flavor ban will close small businesses like mine and significantly reduce the city’s sales tax revenues.

Sacramento has increased sales taxes twice, once in 2012 and, more recently, in 2018. As our schools continue to face budget cuts and city officials hunt for new sources of income, it makes absolutely no financial sense to dramatically cut city tax revenue.



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