Are you ready to vape: Helpful information to get started

Cigarette smoking is the top cause of preventable diseases and deaths in the U.S. In fact, this alone accounts for over 480,000 deaths each year.

Are you a long-term or new smoker? Are you ready to quit? If so, you may want to consider vaping. The fact is, choosing the right vape and pairing it with the right vape juice can give you the same level of satisfaction as a traditional cigarette.

Are you ready to get started? Do you want to ensure you find the best vapor prices? If so, use the tips and information here.

What Experience Do You Want to Have?

Before you make a purchase, you need to figure out what it is that you enjoy most about smoking. After all, this is going to impact the vape you choose. Remember, vaping should be enjoyable and provide you with satisfaction – just like smoking. Also, thanks to the versatility of vaping you can use these devices in many places.

To determine what vape experience appeals the most to you, consider the following:

Do you want the satisfaction of nicotine or a “punchier” hit?

Is it the sensory aspects of smoking you prefer?

Do you want to make large clouds, or would you prefer to be a more discreet vaper?

Should your device make a big impression, or do you want something that will fit in your pocket?

After you have honestly answered these questions, you can begin looking for the vape experience that best meets your needs.

Select the device that is right for You

Now that you know the type of vaper you want to be, you need to learn about the various kits that are available, along with the type of device that works for you. It’s important to choose a device before even looking at the various flavors of vape juice that are available.

If you want a big nicotine hit, then trying to find a device that uses a heating element (also called a wick or a coil) and a higher level of resistance. These types of devices are not as power hungry, and you can use vape juice that has a high nicotine content.

If you prefer larger clouds of smoke, then select a vape that uses a wick or a coil that has a lower resistance. Remember, this type of device is much more power hungry, which means they are also bigger and require much bigger batteries.



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