Essential Things That You Must Know Before You Start Vaping

When you are just a beginner, the world of vaping might look like a confusing place, but it won’t take you long until you will get used to it and you will start feeling like you found a second home. For those who do not know too many things about vaping, but they are interested in learning more, we have prepared a list of things that you should know if you want to become a vaper.


  • Tank – This is the part that holds all the e-liquid. You can purchase a device that comes with a larger tank, over 10Ml, or you can pick a smaller one. The decision is yours to make, and you should take into consideration how much you vape, which vaping intensity you prefer, etc.
  • Wick – Heating he e-liquid is a process that has two different phases. First of all, the e-juice needs to be transported to the component that heats it. The wick absorbs it and gets it there. Usually the wick is made out of silica and cotton, although there are other alternatives as well.
  • Coil – This is the component that heats the e-juice. There are various resistances available for coils. You can also purchase a “replacement coil” which is a package that contains both a coil and a wick.
  • Battery – This is an essential component, as it offers life to the entire device. Usually there are rechargeable batteries that you can use more than once.
  • Drip tip – This element is also known as mouthpiece and it is the part that you smoke out of. It can be made out of plastic, pyrex, steel or glass. It is recommended that you don’t choose the cheapest option, as it is less safe.
  • Atomizer – If you don’t feel like buying each component individually, you can purchase an atomizer, which is a package that contains a wick, coil, drip tip and tank. The battery is not included.

Making a purchase

Since vaping has become quite popular in the past years, there are also shops that sell only vaping items. You can do some online shopping as well. Nonetheless, you must be very careful when you choose your vendor. Buying from a source that is not reliable can be very dangerous for your health. Poorly constructed devices could even explode and harm you. Even if you have to pay a little more for a high-quality item, it is usually worth it.

Can I vape anywhere?

At the moment there are no restrictions when it comes to vaping and you can do it almost anywhere. It is strongly advised that you avoid enclosed places though. Vapours will disappear quickly, and the smell does not last. This means that it is not very likely that it will annoy anyone. Nonetheless, if you want to vape in a person’s proximity you should ask them first whether they are ok with it. Additionally, is recommended that you don’t vape around children and pets. While vaping is relatively harmless, children are more sensitive. Cats should also be avoided when you vape, because propylene glycol is dangerous for them.



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