NY Gov Wants a Flavor Ban and Tax But Embraces Legal Pot

Leaders in New York State are planning a statewide flavor ban and taxes for vaping products, while at the same time celebrating what looks to be a bright future for legal cannabis in the state.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who just two years ago said marijuana was a “gateway drug” to more dangerous substances, is now a proponent of legalizing recreational pot — but strongly opposed to allowing the vaping flavors that most adult vapers prefer.

Cuomo has just proposed legislation that will clear the way for a flavor ban, eliminate displays of vapor products in non-adult-only stores, ban sales in pharmacies, require a license to sell vapes, and establish a Tobacco 21 law that includes e-cigarettes. The changes will be included in his 2019 budget proposal, which will also include an e-liquid tax (the amount hasn’t been announced yet).

“Flavors, such as sweet tart, toffee, and bubble gum make e-cigarettes more attractive to youth,” said Gov. Cuomo. “The budget will include a proposal to provide the Department of Health the authority to ban the sale of certain flavored liquids that target youth use of e-cigarettes.”

Read more at https://vaping360.com


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