What is synthetic nicotine?

When you hear of nicotine, the first thing that comes to mind is tobacco whether it be smoking or vaping but there are also other plants such as potatoes, capsicum, tomatoes, and chili pepper among many that contain traces of nicotine. However, tobacco is used due to higher concentration amounts of 8% to 14%.

What is tobacco-free nicotine?
Most vaping and e-cigarettes brands use nicotine derived from tobacco for their juices. Tobacco free nicotine is the one which contains nicotine but no tobacco. Tobacco-free nicotine is clean and lacks the impurities that are found on the tobacco nicotine e-liquids. This tobacco-free nicotine has no smell and is tasteless, which in turns improves the taste and flavour. Also worth noting is that this tobacco-free nicotine has the same biological properties as the one derived from the tobacco plant. The advantage of this synthetic nicotine is that it does not have the foul smell and flavor of tobacco.

Synthetic nicotine is made in the lab and it has become popular among the vaping communities. Users are warned that this synthetic nicotine has the same dangerous effects on the brain and can affect the unborn child, your health and that of children so enjoy vaping, but do it responsibly.

Vaping has diversified over the past years, from using the traditional tobacco nicotine to synthetic nicotine. Now, there has emerged different modes and flavors to make take vaping to a whole new exciting level.

Similarities between the synthetic and tobacco nicotine
Nicotine as a compound contains 10 chemical atoms, 2 nitrogen atoms and 14 hydrogen atoms. The truth is that there is not much difference between nicotine from somewhere else and nicotine derived from the plant. They are fundamentally the same thing, even in terms of effect on the user.

The major difference is that synthetic nicotine has been produced using the exact chemical which contains nicotine but no tobacco. To achieve a tobacco-free synthetic nicotine, chemicals such as ethanol, niacin, sulphuric acid among other chemicals are used.

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What is synthetic nicotine?


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