Everything you should know about vaping industry in the UK

A vape has progressed far from the stage of mediocrity and has turned into a high-end product.

Clunky oversized items have transformed into elegant portable gadgets that one can be proud to own.

Electronic smoking devices are now at peak demand. They surpass traditional cigarettes in function, safety, and design. This makes them a preferred choice for the nicotine consumer.

The UK Vaping Market

The UK is the world’s second-largest market for vape products. It is apparently the fastest-growing industry in the country. You can get the best e-cigs UK.

Britain is leading in the production of vape gear. The thriving industry is dominated by independent small businesses. There are more than 1,100 of vape enterprises in Britain.

The UK manufacturers are globally respected for quality and innovation. They are exporting to Asia, even to China that is the motherland of an electronic cigarette UK.

A new industry is protecting people’s health on a grand scale. It has saved consumers over £100 billion so far.

There was a twofold increase in the UK sales of vaping products last year. The number reached £1bn. And it is forecast to grow at an incredible rate and exceed £2bn by 2020.

Big Tobacco’s High Activity in The UK Vaping Market

Tobacco giants have a deep interest in electronic smoking devices. The drop in smoking rates forces them to look for an alternative way to make money. The companies manufacture their own brands ofunique e-cigs. Their positions in the British market are strong:

  • British American Tobacco (BAT) claims to be the first tobacco company to launch an e-cigarette in the UK. One of the leading companies in the sales offers its products online, in retail stores and even through pharmacies. BAT’s e-cigarette e-Voke has the UK medicine license. It paves way for vape products to be prescribed on the National Health Service for patients trying to give up smoking.
  • Imperial Tobacco that owns Blu holds a current vaping market share of 15.6%.
  • Japan Tobacco International (JTI) hasn’t left the market since they introduced its brand the E-Lites [now Logic] in 2014.
  • Philip Morris International (PMI) is one more major supplier of e-cigarettes through the Vivid, Nicocigs and Mesh brands.

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