120ml Baja Breeze | Best Fruit Punch eJuice | Vaporham Lincoln eLiquid

So many of you have been begging for this flavor to be re-released. I’m proud to say it’s steeped and ready to go!

Baja Breeze is Vaporham Lincoln’s delicious take on the popular Baja soda flavor profile. You’ll taste vibrant citrus notes up front with a refreshing, cool blackberry finish.

This is one of the best fruity flavors I’ve ever tried!

Make sure to try it right now!

Vaporham Lincoln 120ml

$6.99 each

No Coupon Code Necessary

Premium e-Juice Flavors: Baja Tropical Punch

Vaporham Lincoln Is Back!

Bottle Size: 120mL
No Coupon Codes Allowed!
(or necessary 🇺🇸)

The notorious surge of tropical citrus that made its name in soda taps, now available for your vaping pleasure.

Taste vibrant, in your face Baja soda punch with bright notes of lime and orange with a cool blackberry finish.

Shop now at www.thesaucela.com


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