Felix Reznik from eJuice Direct talks about selling a wide range of e-liquids online

Felix Reznik is the co-owner of e-Juice Direct, an online storefront selling an incredibly wide range of different e-liquid flavours and vape hardware. Being online has allowed eJuice Direct to maintain a diverse inventory that is constantly expanding to meet new demands and trends in the vaping world.

Felix answered some questions about his business.

Why is eJuice Direct different from other vape companies?

For starters, we’re different because we’re online and not a brick and mortar store. The real benefit to that, is that it allows us to carry a huge selection of e-liquids and vape hardware. If we had a walk-in store, we simply wouldn’t have the space to carry such a large amount of inventory. Another benefit is that, since we do have such a large inventory, we’re able to get substantially better pricing from our suppliers on vape juices and hardware. We can then pass that savings down to our customers.

The eJuices we sell are all top brands so, our customers get name brands for cheap! Everyone loves a deal! There’s always a sale going on with our site. Additionally, we are experts. Our staff are all vapers of some degree and our customer service is top notch. Finally, we are really good at shipping. Any orders placed before 3pm CST Monday through Friday, are shipped out the same day!

Why did you choose to start an online vaping shop?

Well, to be honest, as a smoker I was looking for a way to quit smoking when I discovered vaping and the vape lifestyle. A good friend of mine was also trying to quit and vaping really helped us. We were both able to quit smoking and we’ve never looked back. We’re happier, healthier and we have more energy. It really changed our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. One day we were discussing our journey and we decided that we really wanted to do the same thing for others. Opening an online vape shop just was a logical conclusion.

What do you suggest for people that are new and want to try vaping?

First off, I always want to understand their situation. If they have never smoked, then I would not recommend it to them. If they smoke traditional cigarettes and are looking for an alternative, I’d say kudos to them for making the decision. And then I’d ask them a few simple questions. They need to decide what their new vaping lifestyle will look like. This decision will be different for each person. There really is no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to their vape preference.

Read more at https://bestinau.com.au


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