Top 3 Thanksgiving E-Liquids

To the excitement of many, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This Thanksgiving, you can be thankful for the delicious seasonal vape juice flavors that you can grab at NicVape. Each of the three flavors listed below captures a taste that instantly makes us think of this beloved time of year. All of these vape juices contain exceptional ingredients that guarantee maximum pleasure.

Thanksgiving E-Liquid #3: Drops Bold Tobacco

Lives up to its name by providing you with a strong hit of rich, robust tobacco that’s sublimely complex. Thanks to its bold nature, this tobacco blend if perfect for Thanksgiving. It’s capable of refreshing you after hours of eating incredibly rich food. The inhale smacks your palate with nutty and smoky flavor notes. As the tobacco flavor wafts across the tongue, its richness intensifies, and the vapor becomes velvety. The spicy and earthy notes dance on the taste buds before a hint of honey appears on the exhale.

Thanksgiving E-Liquid #2: Camouflage Bulletproof Max-VG E-Liquid

Thanksgiving is all about indulging in decadent delights without any of the guilt. If you’re trying to watch those calories but want to treat yourself to something sinful, this juice is for you. It takes an outstandingly rich and creamy cheesecake and tops it with fresh blueberries before encasing it in a delectable graham cracker crust. As you inhale, the tartness from the blueberry flavor makes you drool as the tang of the cream cheese spreads itself along the tongue. The cheesecake becomes outrageously rich and creamy as notes of vanilla and lemon appear. With each exhale, the graham cracker crust adds sweetness and buttery goodness.


Young girl vaping e-cig device


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