JUUL: A $15 Billion Company

A start-up company that set out to mass produce e-cigarettes has reached the worth $15 Billion in an astounding amount of time and more than that, it controls 73% of all e-cigarette market shares in terms of sales and distribution. It is however the latest target of the FDA and other agencies for it’s massive popularity, especially among teens. It is said to be a lot safer than a combustible traditional cigarettes for it contains no Tar or tobacco which are the main cause of cancer but the parents and teachers are having a difficult time keeping teens from using it.

The company came on to the scene in 2015 with a new concept, ‘Pod System’. As shown above, each pod comes pre-filled with a flavored e-liquid that contains variable amount of Nicotine. You simply install the pod on the vape pen and start vaping.

Calling for e-cig flavor ban

Social has gone up in arms as the popularity of this product has taken off. Parents have mobbed city halls, protests outside vape shops and even Senators have gotten involved. FDA has brought forth a new rule concerning the sales of ‘kid appealing’e-juice flavors such as deserts, candy or what have you but no restriction are proposed towards Menthol, Tobacco and Mint, which are helpful towards adults quit smoking.

JUUL has already restricted the flavors in brick and mortar stores when it comes their ‘non adult appealing flavors’ but are willing to lift the restriction if the store is willing to enforce the age restriction rule and limit to the amount pods sold per person.

Read more at http://irnpost.com

Juul: A $15 Billion Company


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