FDA Will Ban Most Vape Flavors Except in Adult-Only Stores

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced his plan to reduce youth vaping, and it turned out to be rather anticlimactic. After months of build-up, the FDA chief’s statement was only particularly surprising for its attention to combustible products — which of course is where the FDA’s focus should be.

Vape advocates will be unhappy with Gottlieb’s plan to restrict flavors (other than tobacco, menthol and mint) to adult-only locations. And anti-vaping activists will be disappointed to hear that the commissioner didn’t announce an immediate flavor ban. He did remind everyone that rulemaking on flavors is in progress. The FDA could still issue rules that would disrupt or kill the independent vaping market.

But Gottlieb didn’t announce any news on vaping rules that were unexpected. Most of his plans echo the announcement made by JUUL Labs two days ago. As Gottlieb promised, the FDA is putting “speed bumps” in the road for adult smokers seeking alternatives to cigarettes.

He also didn’t issue firm dates for any of his proposals.

The biggest news the commissioner made was that he will seek bans on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. Those initiatives may somewhat mollify the tobacco control groups that were hoping for big news on vaping restrictions. But nothing would really make those people happy — at least nothing short of announcing public executions of top JUUL executives.

Gottlieb says the 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey data that he’s been using to whip up the teen vaping media frenzy will be released later today. According to the commissioner, it shows that 27.7 percent of current high school vapers are using e-cigarettes on 20 or more days of the month. That’s a tricky way of presenting the data though, and it may mean less than he implies.

Read more at https://vaping360.com

Vape woman. Portrait of young cute girl in pink hoodie smoking an electronic cigarette in the bar.


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