New York to ban flavored e-cigarettes next year

Vape on this: the Cuomo administration plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes next year because so many kids are getting hooked on them.

The state Health Department has issued regulations to prohibit the manufacture, sales and possession of the flavored e-smokes, which have become popular with teens.

“Regulations are necessary to address the alarming increase of e-cigarette use among New York’s youth. New York-State specific surveillance data shows that youth e-cigarette use has risen at a dramatic rate over just the last four years, driven primarily by the abundance of e-liquid flavors,” the agency said in the New York State Register, where it gave public notice of the ban.

“Swift interventions are needed to protect our youth from a life addiction to nicotine.”

The ban would not apply to e-cigarettes which aren’t flavored.

After the plan was disclosed on The Post’s website Thursday, the proposed regulation was pulled back for a “final round of legal review.”

But officials said it would be resubmitted and a spokesman for Gov. Cuomo said he is committed to getting it approved.

According to health officials, there are an estimated 15,000 flavored e-cigs on the market including apple, cherry, peach, melon, strawberry, vanilla, custard, peanut butter cup, cream cookie, bubbleerazz, mango burst and caramel.

Vaping among high school students has skyrocketed 160 percent in four years– from 10.4 percent in 2014 to 27.4 percent in 2018, the Health Department reported.

And it’s the flavorings that are driving the increase, officials said.

A recent state survey found that 46 percent of teens prefer fruit flavors, followed by 20 percent for menthol and 18 percent for chocolate, candy or other sweets.

The survey also found that teens are more likely to believe that sweet flavored cigs are less harmful.



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