Best Strawberry Vape Juice | Awesometown

I’m such a choco-holic, I’d eat my own arm if it was dipped in chocolate.

Good thing I don’t have to resort to that, because I have Chocolate Dipped Strawberry to stave off my cravings.

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Premium e-Juice Flavors:

Vape Awesometown e-Juice!

Bottle Size: 60mL

VG/PG: 80/20

You haven’t had chocolate dipped strawberries like this before – introducing Chocolate Dipped Strawberry vape juice by Awesometown!

*Please note that the following description was written by the President of Awesometown*

This e-Juice is incredible, everyone in Awesometown is raving about it. Believe me, I tell them all the time. More than anyone as a matter of fact. The strawberry and chocolate blend together perfectly, and let me tell you people, it’s delicious. It was even elected, by the highest margin in history, best dessert vape juice at the Awesometown county fair. Over 3000 votes people.

This is the best, and I mean this when I say it, the BEST Chocolate Dipped Strawberry vape juice on the market today. Let me tell you, nobody can top this. You get the rich, milky-ness from the chocolate on the inhale and the smooth refreshing strawberry on the exhale. It’s my all day vape and let me tell you people, it’ll be yours too. Try some today!

Includes: Chocolate Dipped Strawberry e-Juice

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