Vaping and E-liquid: Why proper labeling is important

Here’s what the vaping community should do for federal authorities to start taking them seriously.

Though some vaping advocates have dismissed calls regarding labeling conflicts of e-liquid products, to the point of calling the complaints as irrelevant or petty, there are still those who believe that the continuous dismissal of such concerns is actually hurting the industry in general.

According to Vaping Post’s Toni Ottomanelli, although the effectivity of vaping as a viable alternative to stop tobacco smoking has been proven a number of times, the industry has remained divided about the message most packaging, logos, and other visual marketing efforts convey. Stalwarts of the industry like Vaping Legion is said to be “pleading” among major vape advocates to start changing their branding and labeling direction.

The reason is simple and valid: If the vaping market continues with its nonchalant consideration of how they portray their products, then they will continue to experience setbacks in trying to win the good graces of both medical and federal regulators. Whether they like it or not, vape advocates would want these influencers on their side if they wish to maintain the success of what’s considered to be a $34 billion business by the year 2021.

Problems in labeling have been raising some concerns for some brands as some agencies from the government have continuously raised issues in the reinforcement of guidelines that discourages from the use of images and colors that children would find appealing. Then there are also the concerns of using logos in packaging that violates other brands’ intellectual property rights. The list actually goes on.



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