Juul Labs, Manufacturer of the Teenager-Popular Juul Vape Device, Raided by FDA

Humans have smoked tobacco and other plant matter for thousands upon thousands of years. Although tobacco is known all too well to cause things like gum, throat, tongue, and lung cancer, not to mention the adorable emphysema and the oh-so-fun chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it’s good – in a sense – that we know what tobacco can do to its users.

Vaping requires users to vaporize – as opposed to smoking, which we know is entirely too harmful to comfortably live a safe life as a smoker – e-juice, also known as vape juice, which is made up of varying proportions of flavoring, nicotine, water, and either glycerin sourced from vegetables or propylene glycol. Even though vaping seems safer than smoking, nobody knows the long-term effects of regular or intermittent vaporizer use.

OK – what’s the matter with vaping, and why is smoking relevant right now?

To put it simply, people who want to smoke a cigarette while in close, tight, confined quarters will very easily get caught. However, those who choose to vaporize e-juice that may or may not contain nicotine can get away with most attempts at vaping in the interim, even if they’re in somewhere like church or school!

Vaporizers are more appealing to underage consumers than their paper-, plant-, and smoke-based counterparts – cigarettes.

Countless underage individuals are vaping inside schools with vaporizers that are seemingly geared towards underage consumers

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