UL Begins Certifying Vape Mods for Safety

The company that has certified electrical product safety for over 120 years is now creating safety standards for battery-powered vaping devices.

UL LLC, formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories, has created a testing and certification protocol for vape mods and other e-cigarette products that use internal lithium batteries. In an FAQ explaining the standards, UL says, “UL is certifying e-cigarettes to enhance consumer safety.”

The product category is known as UL 8139. Each type of product has its own number in the massive list of products UL tests and certifies. “UL 8139 provides manufacturers with the appropriate requirements and methodology to confidently evaluate, test and certify e-cigarette and vaping devices for electrical and fire-hazard safety as a system,” says the company’s site.

UL’s evaluation of each device looks at the whole electrical system, including batteries, charging circuits and charger, and the control circuitry. There are seven primary requirements for certification:

  • Determining that lithium cells are operated within their safety windows
  • Assessing the Battery Management System [BMS] for both normal use and foreseeable misuse
  • Evaluating compatibility among interconnected systems as a whole
  • Factoring in wide environmental parameters and conditions expected
  • Testing for mechanical stress reasonably expected in use/misuse
  • Requiring a mechanism that directs venting away from the inhaler
  • Supplementing marking and instructions for safe use

Read more at https://vaping360.com


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