Full Line Vape Juice Sampler – The SauceLA 5X 60ml e-Juice

Want to experience our entire line of the Sauce LA premium e-Juice flavors? Then the full line e-Juice sampler is right for you!
We’re bringing you 300 milliliters, five flavors – 60ml each flavor, and a whole lot of happiness for one low price.
Pre-steeped: . Perpetual flavor. 

VG/PG: 80/20

  • Capone: The impossible cereal vape – truly tart and crunchy on the inhale with sugary milk on the exhale. Many claim to have this combo – few have succeeded. An Official Vape Memes favorite.
  • The Sauce (XXX): Tangy tangerine, with assorted tropical notes and strawberry on the exhale. An excellent all day vape.
  • Ace: Rich, strawberry rainbow sherbert ice cream.
  • 1922: Energy drink flavor vape juice
  • Model Tea: Peach green tea, with an emphasis on the peach. It’s like those sweet teas you buy in the can.

Shop now at www.thesaucela.com


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