FDA Labeling and Ad Restrictions for Nicotine-Containing Products

Underage vaping. FDA crackdowns. Trade tariffs on Chinese e-cig products. American vapers have had a rough 2018. Things are about to get worse for them, as the deadline approaches for all tobacco products, even no-nicotine e-juice, to carry warning labels.

  • The FDA is Coming
  • The Rules Have Rules
  • The Lasting Effects

A New Era of Regulation

August 10th is coming fast. That is the date when health warning labels must be on “covered tobacco products.” The warnings are to inform consumers about the dangers of nicotine.
Closed system devices (vapes with e-juice already inside) are “covered tobacco products.” Liquid e-juice is also a “covered tobacco product” (CTP). The FDA is giving a one-month grace period for companies to comply. After September 10th, all CTPs must carry the following warning label:

“WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”

Not only that, but the rules have their own rules. The warnings must adhere to strict guidelines issued by the FDA.

  • The label must occupy at least 30% of the package’s display panels
  • The text must not have a font size lower than 12-points and use only sans serif fonts, like Arial and Helvetica
  • The text must be black on a white background, or black on a white background, to increase the contrast

Even products without nicotine are subject to the new rules. No-nicotine e-juice, for example, must carry a different label, which reads: “This product is made from tobacco.” The alternative label for non-nicotine products has its own requirements. Manufacturers have to submit reports supporting the claim of “no-nicotine.”

Read more at https://vapingdaily.com

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