India: Vapes Now Banned in 6 States

The state of Bihar has a larger population than Germany or the U.K.

There are 29 states in India, and six of them have now banned sales and manufacture of vape and e-juice products. In a country with 1.3 billion residents, these bans are preventing a lot of people from finding safer nicotine choices.

The most recent addition to the list is Bihar, the massive country’s third-largest state by population. Bihar is home to more than 104 million people — more than the United Kingdom or Germany. It lies in the northeast on India, just south of Nepal.

The state drug controller issued a notification that “manufacture, distribution, sale, purchase, display and advertisement” are all banned, according to the Times of India. It is unusual to include purchases in vape bans, but Bihar even includes online purchases in its rule.

If vaping and harm reduction advocates can’t make headway in the world’s largest democracy, what good are we?

The ban codifies a decision made by the State Tobacco Control Coordination Committee, which is headed by the health department principal secretary. The ban is intended to “prevent youths and students from consuming nicotine,” said the executive director of the Socio-Economic and Educational Development Society, a non-governmental organization supportive of tobacco control laws.



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