Capella Flavors Grapefruit Vape Juice Concentrate

Grapefruits are low in calories but are full of nutrients, and an excellent source of vitamins A and C.

Harvard Medical School states that grapefruit has a glycemic index of 25. This suggests that it does not significantly affect blood sugar and insulin levels.

Many studies have suggested that increasing the consumption of plant foods such as grapefruit decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall mortality while. It is also said to promote a healthy complexion, increased energy, and lower overall weight.

Weight loss

Some people claim that grapefruit is a miracle weight-loss fruit. However, this has been debunked by recent studies.

With this in mind, these studies do show that grapefruit demonstrated improvements in blood pressure and lipid levels.

Blood pressure and lipid levels are connected to obesity, and further studies could demonstrate long-term benefits for weight control and obesity prevention.


According to the American Heart Association, eating higher amounts of flavonoid may lower the risk of ischemic stroke for women. Flavonoids are compounds found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit.

The risk of ischemic stroke was 19 percent lower for those who consumed the highest amounts of citrus than for women who consumed the lowest amounts.


Grapefruit is a rich source of antioxidants, such as vitamin C. These can help combat the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer. Lycopene intake has been linked with a decreased risk of prostate cancer in several studies.


Grapefruit, because of its water and fiber content, helps to prevent constipation and promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract.

Grapefruit DIY Vape Flavor Concentrate By Capella

Add this tasty Grapefruit concentrate from Capella embodies the beauty of the grapefruit. Sweet, sour and tart all at once, this citrus will brighten up your DIY e-juice mixture.


Recommended Mixing Quantity: 3%

Pairs Well With: Lemon LimeJuicy OrangeGolden Pineapple

Note: This is not e-liquid! Do not vape or otherwise ingest this product without dilution.

Get it for $2.99 at


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