5 Signs Your Child May Be Vaping

E-cigarettes have been marketed as a safe alternative to smoking. However, these battery powered devices are not safe and can be just as addicting as regular tobacco cigarettes. In recent years, there has been an enormous spike in young kids being exposed to liquid nicotine and vaping either through peers, their parents or the media.

According to researchers, exposure to liquid nicotine and electronic cigarettes went from up nearly 1,400 percent from 2012-2015. Luckily, the number of teens vaping fell by 20 percent from 2015-2016. However, experts suggest that these numbers are still too high and a 20 percent drop from 1,400 isn’t a remarkable decrease. The large public misconception that nicotine is harmless has led many children to have easier access to these electronic cigarettes.

A study in 2015 by the National Youth Tobacco Survey found that 16 percent of high school kids vape. Many minors have found creative ways to purchase liquid nicotine online and according to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, 94% can successfully get their e-cigarettes delivered to them online. E-cigarettes are considered tobacco products because most of them contain nicotine.

According to criminal defense attorney, David Breston, “The FDA regulations on vaping is very clear for minors. Under federal law, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to purchase any tobacco or e-cigarette product – regardless of its amount of nicotine.” Even though it’s against the law to sell to minors, some young teens have found tricky ways around getting their hands on vapes. Here are a few things to look out for if you suspect your child is vaping.


E-cigarettes don’t have the same smell as a traditional cigarette. In fact, some experts believe a big appeal to the younger generation is the wide variety of candy-like flavors. Some smell and tastes like bubblegum, cotton candy or fruit. If you are picking up on strong and fruity odors, there’s a chance your young one may be vaping in the other room.


When it comes to vaping, there aren’t very many physical signs to look out for. However, bloodshot eyes can be an indication your child has been vaping. Propylene Glycol, a chemical compound found in “e-juice,” is known to irritate eyes and dry them out. Smoke can cause blood vessels in your eyes to constrict, which dry out the surface of your eyes.

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