Vaper’s travel guide to Africa (P1)

Africa, even though being a large underdeveloped continent with the law and order situation still not clarified in various places, does decide to post laws on vaping. It is strange yet important to know the legalities of carrying vaping devices including vape mods and electronic cigarettes, of places, one is traveling to in Africa. Though most countries in Africa do not have any formalized laws pertaining to vaping like other continents of the world, it still does not give open permission to vape anywhere, people wish to. This article is to guide traveler with the available information about the use of electronic cigarettes within different countries in Africa.

The Laws for Vaping in Africa

Many African countries are underdeveloped and particularly have not reached the margin where they care about details concerned with electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, however, certain countries tend to have an impact on others. Following is a list of various countries within different African regions, with respect to vaping regulations.

Northern Africa

Algeria: No information available

Egypt: Electronic cigarettes are legal, but public vaping is prohibited

Libya: No information available.

Morocco: Vaping in Morocco is tolerated even in public places. Sources claim that users have easy access to acquire their supplies from shops and there are no bans or restrictions on importing e-liquids.

Sudan: No information available.

Tunisia: No information available.

Western Sahara: No information available.

Southern Africa

South Africa: Electronic cigarettes are legal within the country, however, nicotine-containing e-liquids are strictly prohibited. Although online sources claim that users have no issues purchasing these items locally, it is better to prevent breaking the law.

Namibia: Electronic cigarettes and all related accessories are legal and purchasable.

Lesotho: Electronic cigarettes are categorized as tobacco products and vaping is only permitted within the designated smoking areas.

Botswana: Electronic cigarettes are legal to use, purchase and carry as personal devices.

Swaziland: Vaping is considered equivalent to smoking and is only permitted within the designated smoking areas.

Mozambique: Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are legal and hold the same regulations as tobacco products.

Madagascar: Electronic cigarettes hold same regulations as tobacco products and vaping is not allowed outside the smoking areas.

Malawi: No information available.

Mauritius: Electronic cigarettes are legal products, however, users have stated that supplies are rare to find within the country. It is better to carry your required supplies with you if traveling, and vaping individuals within the country can import items.

Zambia: Vaping is considered equivalent to smoking and is prohibited to vape outside the designated smoking areas.

Zimbabwe: Electronic cigarettes and vape mods are legal, however public places strictly prohibit smoking or vaping and limits it to the designated smoking areas.


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