3 myths about e-liquids dispelled

There are various myths and rumors that have been circulating vapes and E- liquids ever since they became popular among the youth and the cigarette industry saw a decline in their sales. But today, this blog is all about debunking all these myths and present you the truth and nothing but, so that you could make an informed decision about the lifestyle you want to choose.

E-Liquid poisons and kills

The most popular among all the myths is that E-liquid is poisonous and kills instantly. If such was the case why are there no deaths reported, as of yet. According to the myth, as the e-liquid smells like a candy and is fruity, children are tempted to drink it. This, however, is not true. Made up with all organic components, this liquid is not poison, though it is true that it is not for drinking and hence a doctor should be consulted if misused. But it does not kill instantly, and timely medical attention can prevent from major harm to the health.

E-Liquids are addictive

E-liquids are made up of organic compounds, a simple blend of flavors, nicotine and vegetable glycerin. The myth that they are addictive is also false as the e-liquid contains controlled amount of nicotine, and that too, is diluted by the glycerin. Also there is no chemical in them that could lead to potential addiction, hence vaping would not cause you addiction. It is simply an alternative for the cigarettes.

E-Liquids are worse than Cigarettes

The side effects of cigarettes are huge and pose serious threats to your health. This is because of excessive nicotine, tar and carbon mono oxide. The vape does nothing of this sort, on the contrary, it is tar and carbon mono oxide free, and hence much better than the cigarettes that may eventually lead to cancer. E-liquids also do not contain any ingredients that may contain cancer causing elements, also called carcinogens.


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