Truth Initiative Endorses and Condemns Vaping

Truth Initiative, the richest and most powerful American tobacco control organization, has endorsed vaping as a cessation tool for smokers. However, the endorsement comes with such a list of caveats and demands that they probably should have just saved their breath.

In a document called “Action needed on e-cigarettes” released Thursday, Truth grudgingly accepted that “Some smokers may be unable or unwilling to quit using nicotine and would benefit by completely switching to a much lower harm nicotine delivery mechanism (including potentially a well-regulated e-cigarette).”

Much like the American Cancer Society’s admission that vaping might help smokers, the Truth statement follows its weak endorsement with a staggering list of requirements for the vaping industry and the FDA. In fact, the Truth proposals are even worse.

The “harm minimization” policies Truth Initiative supports include:

  • FDA must begin requiring PMTA’s for all vaping products immediately
  • FDA must issue manufacturing requirements that ensure all e-cigarettes
  • FDA must eliminate flavors
  • FDA must ban online sales
  • States should impose restrictions on sales to those under 21
  • States and localities must include e-cigarettes in all indoor smoking restrictions
  • Taxes must be imposed on vaping products

After explaining that they don’t know what the risks of vaping are, Truth says taxes must be apportioned based on risk, to “discourage use of the most harmful products.” They then say that, “Regardless of level of harm, all taxes should be set high enough to discourage youth use.” How much is that? Better just set the taxes really high to be sure.



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