Ghana’s Love Affair With E-Cigarettes

The trend of drug abuse among the youths as has become rampant on the streets of Ghana.

Recently, the abuse of tramadol has been widely publicized with the result that the youth is now inclining towards a more sophisticated means of consuming nicotine.

The tobacco industry has replaced traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, or E Cigarettes as they are known, to entice their clientele base mainly the youth with a nicotine fix that does not include sucking burning paper tar, tobacco and thousands of harmful chemicals.

For the Ghanaian youth this is a recent trend, but because of the high cost of electronic cigarettes is, it’s mostly used by quite a few.

The non-governmental organization, Vision for Alternative Development (VALD) has called for electronic cigarettes to be banned from the Ghanaian market especially if they have not been registered by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) before it becomes a huge problem.

A source who trades in electronic cigarettes disclosed that his clientele base encompasses elderly men who want to quit smoking and the youth.

He further explained that, the youth who purchase his products mainly want to try it out or want to fit in with their ‘vaping‘ friends and mostly for recreational purposes.

He also elaborated that the price of the electronic cigarettes depends on the brands, material used, sustainability and sophistication of the products with prices ranging from Ghc 50 to 650 Ghc.


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