NYSVA Gains Support, Defeats Flavor Ban and Joins SFATA

aFor the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA), there appears to be a never-ending battle against the anti-vape establishment anytime the state of New York is an area of concern within the vape community.

In the recent past, they have accomplished more than most state groups, all on their own. However, given the intensity of our current economic climate, garnering support from other industry influencers outside of NY has become undoubtedly necessary and thus far, very efficient.

The right decision for every state group is to first look inward and then reach outward. Supporting each other is the only right choice to embrace in this instance of constant industrial sabotage.

Vape Industry Offers Support in a Major Way

In response to the controversy of facing a potential flavor ban, Vape Juice brand, Naked 100 Donated $10K to the NYSVA. This donation is yet another major contribution by Naked 100 after similar generous donations were TheVapesGiving Manufacturers Challenge, #FUNDtheSUIT Campaign as well as CASAA.

According to NYSVA.org, “On June 21st, 2018 NYSVA was proud to announce the bill to ban flavored e-Liquid in New York died on the floor of the Senate when they adjourned the 2018 session at 2 a.m.!”

NYSVA President Michael Frennier posted a video recorded on Facebook Live where he says, “The state of New York has much to be thankful for.” Obviously, there is good reason for his high spirits.

Since reaching out to the vaping community with a series of phone calls and social media posts, the NYSVA saw a positive response with an immense amount of generosity essentially fueled by a genuine concern about the flavor ban being proposed in New York State.

Altogether, NYSVA Executive Director Cheryl Smith Richter informed me they “gained 12 new members since they reached out to the vape community.” Not to mention, consumers raised $1K+ for contributing donations to the New York State Vapor Association.


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