Capella Flavors Cucumber Vape Juice Concentrate

This tasty vegetable is not only a delicacy and a crucial part in virtually every salad; it’s much more. It has a soothing taste and the refreshing feeling that you get on eating. However, it also hides a plethora of health benefits. It’s no wonder cucumbers are part of every nutritionist’s set of advice. You can achieve a balanced and well-rounded diet by consuming it. It has all the nutritional benefits that improve your health. You may not have known that cucumbers are in fact fruit. Unlike other foods, cucumbers are versatile enough to take care of any task by themselves. They do not need complex combinations to work.

Acting as a water provision to an influx of vitamins, cucumbers make an ideal part of every balanced diet. On top of all that, they contain almost no calories and can’t obstruct your weight loss process. Cucumbers have all possible advantages and virtually no downsides. Due to this cucumbers are a crucial part of every cuisine all over the world. Now that you found out the true importance of cucumber it’s high time that we dig into the depths of this useful fruit. We all know that cucumber has all possible health benefits and reinforcements.


Sometimes, drinking lots of water can be tough, both to pull off and to remember. Particularly during the summer months, you can get sidetracked and end up dehydrated. Well, fear no more because cucumbers are the ideal solution. You won’t even feel the water content within them, and you’ll get a refresh in a matter of seconds. What’s truly wonderful about cucumbers is that they are 96% water. Add to that the fact that they contain almost no calories at all, and you have your perfect refreshment. If you add them to another salad, you can mix taste and hydration at the same time.

Heat prevention

As they’re so full of water, cucumbers make excellent aids when battling with immense heat. They reduce the annoying feeling when you’re battling the heat of a summer’s day. Eat it to regulate the outside temperature. Also, cucumbers influence cooling down the body. For instance, you can rub or put cucumber on your skin; you can treat rashes and sunburn at the same time. Such a combination is good for your skin. It is more than capable of providing you with a natural alternative. Sunburn can also be a thing of the past, as cucumbers annihilate it completely.

Toxin flushing

You’ve always been told to drink more water to be healthier. Have you ever wondered why is that the case? Water accelerates the functioning of the entire organism. It also flushes out any toxic matter in the body. Because cucumbers are so full of water, they will have no problem making your body a healthier place. Besides getting rid of toxins, cucumbers have distinct ability to battle kidney stones. Many studies show that people suffering from kidney stones get instant relief.

Cucumber DIY Vape Flavor Concentrate By Capella

Add this refreshing Cucumber concentrate from Capella to liven up a bland fruit recipe. This flavor concentrate will give your DIY blend a fresh kick!


Recommended Mixing Quantity: 4%

Pairs Well With: Cool Mint, Lime

Note: This is not e-liquid! Do not vape or otherwise ingest this product without dilution.

Capella Flavors Cucumber Vape Juice Concentrate

Get it for $2.99 at


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