Thai Vape Shop Raided By Military Officers, Owner Arrested

A law established in October 2014 bans the importation and sale of electronic cigarette devices and other tobacco products, like shisha, in Thailand. This has befuddled tourists who unknowingly violate the law and leaves vape shops operating illegally within the country to face harsh consequences.

A shop in Wichit called ‘JP Adventure’ is the latest storefront found in violation of the law and was subjected to a raid organized by a team of officers from the 5th Infantry Division of the Royal Thai Army and the Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command, according to The Thaiger.

Shop owner, Sonklin Janmamuang, a 37-year-old woman, was arrested during the raid where officers seized 47 e-cigarette devices and 193 bottles of e-liquid, The Thaiger reports.

Additionally, officers also confiscated six cans of ‘baraku’ which is a form of tobacco that’s typically smoked using a water pipe.



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