China’s CECC Drafts New Vape Hardware and Vape Juice Standards

The China Electronics Chamber of Commerce’s (CECC) Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee held a public industry conference to announce a draft of new standards for the General Specification for Electronic Atomization Apparatus (vape hardware) and the Standards for Electronic Smoke Chemicals (vape juice). The new standards seek to fill in the gaps from previous vape standards in China with broad and far-reaching significance.

New trends in fashion and culture and an overall increase in popularity of vaping, along with future development of vape technology in health and medicine have created an urgency for a more comprehensive standardization of vape technology.

“We must strengthen our standards (and) awareness” through cohesiveness within the vape industry “while we have a voice.”

The new standards and self-regulation within the vape industry is the key to the further development of China’s vape market and is the solution to the health problems associated with smoking and second-hand smoke.




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