2019 Cole-Bishop Amendment Excludes Vapor Products

The American Vaping Association reports that the Fiscal year 2019 version of the Cole-Bishop Agriculture Appropriations Amendment brings troubling news for the vaping community. The newest version of the amendment appears to exempt vapor products, which would leave the 2007 predicate date in effect. The rationale for this change is a matter of speculation only at this time, unfortunately, but Vape News will bring you more information if and when more information comes to light.

The Cole-Bishop Amendment has for years included as one of its primary features a shifting of the predicate date for vapor products from February of 2007 to a more contemporary date. If the 2007 date remains in place, virtually all modern vapor products would be subject to the U.S. Food & Drug Administrations deeming rule as it stands now, requiring all vapor products to be subjected to a staggeringly expensive and time-consuming PMTA or Pre Market Tobacco Application, which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for each product, take years to receive approval for, and — even then — may not achieve approval for any given product, rendering the entire process ultimately a waste for any vapor product manufacturer.

Read more at https://vapenews.com


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