Home-made e-juice is a safe alternative for vapers who want to try something new everyday

Experienced vapers might have tried many devices and every flavour on the market by now.

This means that they’ve seen almost everything and now producers have to come with innovative vaping devices and new e-juice flavours to get their attention.

The situation is similar for beginners in the vaping industry. Even if, as debuting vaper, you’ve tried several e-liquid flavours, you might not have discovered that unique taste which can give you a different experience every day.

In this case, you have several alternatives. The first one would be to order a pack of juices with different flavours for everyday use, but this idea would empty your pockets, since a premium e-juice bottle can cost over $20.

The second alternative is becoming more and more popular among vapers. Making your own e-juice is a good way to create your own e-liquid based on the flavours you prefer and the suitable nicotine quantity. This activity can become your hobby and it is a good way to save money, because the ingredients you’ll use are cheap and accessible.

How can I start making my own e-juice?

The best way to begin your home-made e-juice adventure is with a Do-It-Yourself e-juice starter kit. Here you will find all the necessary equipment and accessories, producer’s guidelines, maintenance rules, the right proportion for some substances and so on.

Before you start, it’s important to understand what the basic ingredients from a do-it-yourself e-juice are. In the Starter kit you will find some mentions, but you can learn more from this article.

Home-made e-liquids are a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) base with the ”cook’s” favourite flavour and some liquid nicotine. You can find out which is the right quantity from each substance of you talk with your doctor. It’s important to know that because if you use the wrong nicotine, PG or VG percentage you might end up with

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