What is the Optimal Nicotine Level in E-Juice?

Vaping has become the latest trend amongst youngsters from different parts of the globe. You will find them vaping in clubs, pubs, and even at private parties at homes. To any layman, vaping will seem similar to smoking a cigarette. However, there are several differences between the two.

Firstly, vaping does not involve seriously harmful chemicals entering your lungs. Secondly, vaping is a great alternative to smoking as it helps many people to quit smoking. Lastly, vaping does not involve the use of an actual cigarette or a cigar. Nonetheless, the presence of nicotine in both smoking and vaping is similar. However, the primary question is how much nicotine is optimum in an e-cigarette.

What Do You Mean By Nicotine?

Nicotine is basically a chemical that contains nitrogen. It occurs naturally in plants that are from the nightshade family. One of the best examples of such a plant is a tobacco plant. It is often seen that smokers are led to believe that nicotine happens to be the sole chemical in cigarettes that cause negative side effects.

However, the truth is that there are numerous other chemicals found in a cigarette. Thus, pinpointing the actual cause of the negative side effects is pretty tough.

Nicotine Is Addictive or Not?

It is very common for people to presume nicotine as a highly addictive chemical. Although this fact is not yet proven, smokers often utilize the addictive nature of cigarettes in order to suggest that nicotine is truly addictive.

It is good for you to remember that although smoking cigarettes is addictive, it is tough to finalize how much of the addiction is caused by nicotine and how much by other chemicals. However, it is true that people who consume nicotine, in any form, on a regular basis, will suffer from minimal withdrawal symptoms if they the consumption of the chemical ceases for quite a long time.

Nicotine Levels in E-Juice

One of the advantages enjoyed by vapers is that they know for sure about the ingredients present in their vape juice. As a result of this, they also know about the quantity of nicotine present in their e-liquid. On the other hand, for a person who smokes cigarettes, it is very difficult to understand the exact percentage of nicotine present in the cigarettes.

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