Capella Flavors Dragon Fruit Vape Juice Concentrate

Dragon fruit is not some mythical artifact that you steal from dragons. You can not get magical powers from. Its effects and benefits are so good that they may be considered magical from time to time. That’s the magic of good nutrition, and there is no power greater than that. Although it has no connection to real dragons, eating it will make you feel like a knight in shiny armor.
South America and Asia are home to this strange and beneficial fruit. It got its name from the cactus-like outer skin, covered in red scales. The moment you cast your eyes on the dragon fruit, you know it’s something special. It’s amazing and vibrant hues of red and green make for a majestic addition to your diet.

It contains much more than only valuable vitamins. It has an excellent taste. Also, the feeling of fullness you get after it and a nutritional value makes it a super-fruit. In today’s world, where transport is something taken for granted, you can get it anywhere. To help you get to know this wonder of nature, we’ve compiled a list of its most important benefits. There isn’t a thing the dragon fruit can’t do. You’ll see why there is no reason not to add it to your diet.

Dragon Fruit DIY Vape Flavor Concentrate By Capella

Add the sweet taste of Dragon Fruit to your DIY blend with this concentrated flavoring from Capella! This unique fruit has shares traits with kiwis and pears and can be a perfect addition to a fruity DIY mix.


Recommended Mixing Quantity: 5%

Pairs Well With: Lemon LimeCool Mint,  Sweet Strawberry

Note: This is not e-liquid! Do not vape or otherwise ingest this product without dilution.

Capella Flavors Dragon Fruit Vape Juice Concentrate

Get it for $2.99 at


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