Strawberry Lemonade | Best Lemonade Vape Juice | Awesometown

Strawberries offer many unique health benefits and are also extremely low calorie, not to mention affordable. Their vitamin and micronutrient profile make them a great addition to any diet, whether it’s a detox diet or just a regular diet plan.

Strawberries can suppress appetite.

One of the biggest benefits of strawberries is their fiber content. This little fruit contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. These serve a wide range of functions in the body. But, along with having many roles in the body, they are also tough to break down and digest. Sounds negative? It’s actually a benefit.

Strawberries can absorb water and slow down digestive processes while expanding the stomach. This causes a number of signals to be sent to the brain, reducing hunger and cravings.

If weight loss is your goal, strawberries are a big help and should be added to your diet as frequently as possible.

Strawberries can help prevent inflammation.

Inflammation can cause many health problems, such as cell damage and even an increased risk of diseases like diabetes and mental illness.

Enter another powerful property of strawberries: their high vitamin C content. One of the benefits of this nutrient is its ability to fight inflammation, keeping its nasty symptoms at bay.

Premium e-Juice Flavors: Lemonade+Strawberry+Strawberry Taffy

Vape Awesometown e-Juice!

Bottle Size: 60mL

VG/PG: 80/20

Nostalgia with a twist! The flavors in our Strawberry Lemonade vape juice are sure to impress even the most savvy lemonade stand owner. With slight undertones of strawberry taffy combined with the refreshing tandem of strawberries and lemonade this one is sure to be your all day vape during the summer!

Strawberry Lemonade | Best Lemonade Vape Juice | Awesometown

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